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Medieval Literature

 Medieval English Literature:


 Luminarium: Anthology of Middle English Literature. Featuring Geoffrey Chaucer, Sir Thomas Malory, William Langland, Margery Kempe, John Gower, Julian of Norwich, Everyman, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Also includes sections on medieval lyrics and medieval morality plays. Works, biographies, articles and links to additional resources.  Middle English Compendium The Middle English Compendium has been designed to offer easy access to and interconnectivity between three major Middle English electronic resources: an electronic version of the Middle English Dictionary, a HyperBibliography of Middle English prose and verse, based on the MED bibliographies, and a Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse, as well as links to an associated network of electronic resources.  Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse This collection of Middle English texts was assembled from works contributed by University of Michigan faculty and from texts provided by the Oxford Text Archive, as well as works created specifically for the Corpus by the HTI. The HTI is grateful for the permission of all contributors. University of Virginia E-Text Center

“Etext,” served the University community’s teaching and research needs in the areas of humanities text encoding for over fifteen years. Many of the resources once available on Etext are now available via VIRGObeta,

Chaucer The Canterbury Tales, and Other Poems ife of Chaucer -- The Canterbury Tales -- The Court of Love -- The Cuckoo and The Nightingale -- The Assembly of Fowls -- The Flower and The Leaf -- The House of Fame -- Troilus and Cressida -- Chaucer's Dream -- The Prologue To The Legend of Good Women -- Chaucer's A.B.C. -- Miscellaneous Poems
Everyman Everyman

Here begynneth a treatyse how ye hye fader of heuen sendeth dethe to somon euery creature to come and gyue a counte of theyr lyues in this worlde/and is in maner of a morall playe. The Harley lyrics Manuscript includes the largest single collection of early Middle English lyrics, which are otherwise only sparsely recorded, and is particularly importan

Morte Arthure


Sir Thomas Malory

The Owl and the Nightingale

Google books
The Owl and the nightingale Translation
 The Pearl Pearl : an English poem of the 14th century AN ENGLISH POEM OF THE
 Silas Warde Silas Warde Allegory Aliterative prose.based on three chapters of Hugh of St. Victor's De Anima (Book IV, ch. 13-15). Sawles Warde belongs to the so-called 'Katherine-Group', a collection of five texts associated in three manuscripts of a West Midland provenance.
Chaucer Chaucer Pages Pages for the study of Chaucer
Sourcebook all on one page
Medieval Sourcebook Selected Sources Index page shows all sections and sub sections. These have also been regularized in a consistent hierarchy.
House of fame Chaucer Book III   The Canterbury Tales and other works C collection of stories in a frame story, between 1387 and 1400. It is the story of a group of thirty people who travel as pilgrims to Canterbury (England). The pilgrims, who come from all layers of society, tell stories to each other to kill time while they travel to Canterbury.
If we trust the General Prologue, Chaucer intended that each pilgrim should tell two tales on the way to Canterbury and two tales on the way back. He never finished his enormous project and even the completed tales were not finally revised. Scholars are uncertain about the order of the tales. As the printing press had yet to be invented when Chaucer wrote his works, The Canterbury Tales has been passed down in several handwritten manuscripts. The Parliament of Fowles Parliament of fowls (birds)

Drama Texts

Dunbar, William, c.1460-1520
Gower, John, 1325?-1408 Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506? Langland, William, 1330?-1400?
  • Piers Plowman TOC
    Layamon, fl. 1200
  • Brut (Cotton Caligula A.IX) (965 KB) TOC
  • Brut
    (735 KB) (Cotton Otho C.XIII)
  • Paston Family
  • Pastonletters and papers -fifteenth century, Part I (1380 KB) TOC
    Usk, Thomas
  • Testament of Love

    Scottish History Online