The aftermath is underwhelming. Eventually the package did arrive, found and escorted upstairs by Lauren (who has a comforter from last year on her bed, still unscathed). The new comforter sat in its zippered glassine bag until the intersection of
1) the first really cold night and
2) the washing of the flannel sheets.

The flannel sheets are a disappointment. They have all of the unhappy qualities of flannel: 1. They never softened up they way they are supposed to, and retain a sort of crisp percale persona, somewhat reminiscent of wet cardboard and 2. like a flannelboard, they attract every wisp of lint and hair within a 2 mile area, so that if you do not wash them frequently, by the third day, you are sleeping on a webbing of lint rather than flannel. Not a pretty picture.

And on a side-note, I should really look into the possibility of weaving that lint into something. Really. You cannot believe what comes out of the dryer’s lint trap. Every few days, I gather a gallon or so of lint. Where does it all come from? But I digress.

Back to the bed. I promised a follow-up, and here it is.

The comforter is indeed a vast acreage of white. I have not done it justice here, but you can see for yourself that Shadow (Queen of the bed) does appreciate it, although she prefers being under to being on. (Don’t be distracted by the beige microfiber throw; it’s purpose is to keep her from snowplowing the comforter off the bed, which she will do in her quest for “under”space. ) Notice her Royal highness is less than thrilled at being uncovered by Venus, and Venus, being her sweet oblivious self, does not notice.

And yes, it is warm.